Sunday, 5 June 2011

Fine Cast

I know this is porobilly herasy but fine cast i hate.
Yes the detail is better.
Yes its nice having lighter models.
but it would be nice being able to correct mould mistakes:

On the Backpack is where its worst the top of the banner was bent off, so i went to bend it back into place and it broke...
The vents on the side bottem didn't form correct leaving them half formed
the vent in the centre at the bottom is totally see though.
the sholder pand on Crowe's left is bent at the front.

Starting out. Crowe

Ok lets just get one thing clear right away. I do not play the game, i have no intrest in playing the game yet until i at least have a sizable force that i think will win.
So i though i would start of with some of my painting starting of with Crowe (i got this figgure in both Fine cast and Metal and i must say i HATE fine case, you can't just bend it back into shape it breaks)
This model is a hybrid of Metal, Plastic and Fine Cast, the sword is Metal, the body finecase and the back pack Plastic. I like to think of him as an angel (hence the angel on his back) to me his is just a destroyer using deamons to destroy deamons.
This model has the stupid thing he had one foot on cut off and replaced with a builting from the only cities of death bases. he's also pinned to the base to stop him breaking off

Tried some enviromental effects on him as well, didn't show up as well as i hoped/like it did on other models.